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Food and drink Vending Solutions

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Food and drink Vending Solutions

1(1).jpg7" Touch Screen food and drink Vending Machine

1. digital touchscreen

It's for sale. It's for advertising.

2. Electronic Food and drink Tray

Specialized in different sizes of Food and drink, the adjustable cargo channel can be adapted to a wide range of Food and drink sizes.

3. Age verification

Recognizes IDs and driver's licenses from multiple countries 


7" Food and drink  Vending Machine

1. No network required

Equipped with a 7-inch digital screen,Adaptable to many complex environments Energized and ready to sell.

2. With cooling system

Adjustable temperature 2-15° 

3. Tray adjustable

ISelf-adjusting aisle spacing according to product size Adaptable to many different sizes of goods

画板 1 拷贝 3-2.png21.5-inch Food and drink vending machine

1. Large digital touch advertising screen

Vendable, advertisable, temperature automatically uploaded to the cloud.

2. Quality-price ratio

Lower cost, more features, more SKU, faster payback.

3. Remote Cloud Management

Inventory can be viewed remotely Sales reports Troubleshooting Push to ship remotely from your phone

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