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Eyelash Vending Solutions

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Eyelash Vending Solutions

1693720972741310.jpg21.5" Touch Screen Eyelash Vending Machine

1. Large Digital Screen

More product SUK to reduce replenishment cycles

2. Multi-color neon adjustable

Lighting is the most attractive part of this machine to customers, there are 13 colors can be adjusted independently

3. Larger pickup frame    

Compared with the traditional vending machines, the pickup opening is too small and inconvenient, our pickup frame is one times larger than the market.


32" Wall Mounted Eyelash Vending Machine

1. Bigger screen

Equipped with a 32-inch digital screen, advertisements are more impactful.

2. Take up no space

Compact design, can be hung directly on the wall Corridor Wide range of installations

3. Remote Cloud Management

Inventory can be viewed remotely Sales reports Troubleshooting Push to ship remotely from your phone


画板 1 拷贝 3.png7-inch stand-alone eyelash vending machine

1. Adaptable to any site

Doesn't require network support Works perfectly in poor network environments.

2. Quality-price ratio

Lower cost, more features, more SKUs, faster payback.

3. Small footprint    

Low transportation costs and low site fees under the machine design dimensions


7" Desktop Eyelash Vending Machine

1. Tabletop design

Individually designed mini vending machines for stores and small party venues.

2. No network required

Adaptable to all environments No network requirements Cash on delivery.

3. 16 SKU design

Supports up to 16 individual SKUs to give customers more choices.

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